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POOLE, Al <netstar>

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"Programming is fun, so is reinventing the wheel. Why use a set of libraries and simplified APIs when you can write everything from scratch? People complain about this but do you ever see a qualified and skillful carpenter import furniture parts from IKEA? Low-level programming is fun, and if you are accountable for all the software I find that is better for maintainability and sense of achievement."

active projects

  • synthropy which is a music synthesizer.

    Here's an example recording: example.wav

  • Play your computer's keyboard!

  • establish - The Installer.

    Establish will download a list of operating system images from which you can choose, download and directly install onto a disk for booting.

    Establish allows write to a local file but also the program will detect for local disks suitable for writing to. The auto-detection works quite well on FreeBSD, DragonFly BSD, OpenBSD and Linux.

    Once the write is complete a SHA256 checksum will be displayed for your convenience. On some operating systems disk buffering is required and thus implemented.

  • raspberry pri

    turn your Pi into a WAP with support for content filtering and Tor.

  • blingbling theme for e21+ this is a slow process and might never finish but it's okay for now bringing that retro pre e17 feel back to the desktop.

  • drop which is a file backup/distribution tool.
  • Open-source dropbox-like server/client.

  • bsd_sensors_misc

    Some sensors tools useful for status lines on FreeBSD, DragonFly BSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD. Includes tmux.conf with status line code.

  • efl and enlightenment on OpenBSD.
  • Your guide to EFL, Elementary and Enlightenment on OpenBSD. In free time I'm able to work on EFL and E for various BSD systems though my focus is mainly OpenBSD.

  • openbsd on e

    boot it, install it, use it and if you like distribute it!

command-line unix tools / fun


everyone wants to be different, until they are different!

dear youth, don't be cool!

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