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"Programming is fun, so is reinventing the wheel. Why use a set of libraries and simplified APIs when you can write everything from scratch? People complain about this but do you ever see a qualified and skillful carpenter import furniture parts from IKEA? Low-level programming is fun, and if you are accountable for all the software I find that is better for maintainability and sense of achievement."

active projects

  • openbsd on e

    boot it, install it, use it and if you like distribute it!

  • synthropy which is a music synthesizer.

  • drop which is a file backup/distribution tool.
  • Open-source dropbox-like server/client.

  • raspberry pri

    turn your Pi into a WAP with support for content filtering and Tor.

  • efl and enlightenment on OpenBSD.
  • Your guide to EFL, Elementary and Enlightenment on OpenBSD

  • OS2Disk will create installation media over the Internet (EFL).
  • This program will detect disks, download install image and provide checksum info. Works with Linux and OpenBSD for now...

command-line unix tools


Programming is fun, especially if you're able to do it on your own terms.

dear youth, don't be cool!

So many languages! What sense is there? They all do the same things! If there's a new paradigm, they all do it! Mentalists!

I literally thought the cat was controlling my fingers!

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